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Asterisk No Tricks – Just Treats
30/10/2012 Karen Sydnor in Give Aways / No comments
Hey everyone!! Hope you all are doing well and survived the wrath of Sandy!!  To end the month on a sweet note, I am doing a giveaway!! If you place a $40 order by 11:59 pm Friday, November 3, 2012 on my Close to My Heart site (, your name will go into  a drawing for our newest how-to publication: Make It From Your Heart. In this publication, you will find a ton of inspiration as well as highlights of all-new artwork, technique ideas, and color palettes.  It is a $7.95 value.
Don’t forget, that is for every $40 order placed by 11:59 pm, Friday, November 3, 2012, your name will go in this drawing!
Have a blessed and creative day!!
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Asterisk Close to My Heart Open house
12/10/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Last weekend I had a great time with some crafty ladies at my Close to My Heart Open house. We spent the evening crafting, laughing, eating chocolate cake and drinking coffee and tea to our heart’s content. It was so much fun. Here are photos from the event






As a result of this event, I will be starting a monthly scrap-booking & card making club. If you are interested in joining, contact me by email. We will be getting started in November. For a pre-determined fee which covers the cost of all your supplies, you will enjoy completing a craft with others at your own speed. I will post next month’s club details before the month is out.

Until next time, go get your craft groove on!

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Asterisk Close to My Heart Inspiration
02/10/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Good morning everyone.  Today I am featuring an inspirational video from Close to My Heart. This video shows you how to use some of the great products offered by Close to My Heart. 

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You can order these and more through my website 

Here is the link to the video:


Also, don’t forget to check out the October stamp of the month – Very Merry Christmas. Get this 11 piece stamp set for just $5 when you place an order of $50 or more.

Happy October Crafting!

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Asterisk All about the monogram
27/09/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Today I am featuring a blog that I follow that has super cute DIY projects and other decorating ideas including monogrammed items.  If you know me by now, you know how much this chicka loves anything monogrammed.The blog is

I am in love with a printable I found on the blog recently for a monogrammed label for your iPhone charger. If you are like me and live with more than one person that owns an iPhone, you can never know where your’s is because they all look alike. Well, here is an end to that problem. You can customize your own label and end all that foolishness. Here is the link to the printable –

Here is a pic of mines. Isn’t it the coolest thing? I absolutely love it.


Have fun customizing your labels.  Hope you enjoy the blog and until next time, Happy crafting!

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Asterisk September is National Stamping Month
06/09/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Did you know that September is National Stamping Month? That’s right. It’s time to get those stamps, card stock, markers, and embellishments out and let the creativity flow. And if you need some help, inspiration, new products or tools, you can hop right over to my Close To My Heart site and place an order. We have some really great specials this month.

In honor of National Stamping Month, here is one card I made for a friend. I have many more to do and I will share them with you all month.



And until next time, Happy Stamping!!

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Asterisk The season is getting ready to change!
05/09/2012 Karen Sydnor in little luxuries / No comments

Can you believe it is that time again?  Fall will be here before you know it.  Gone are the long summer nights and lazy days.  It is time to start thinking about sprucing up the house for the holidays and getting together with family and friends to celebrate being thankful.

I just want to encourage you while you are thinking about how the house will look, consider how the house will smell! Scents evoke all kinds of memories, moods, and feelings. What is it that you want your guest to remember or feel when leaving your house?

I recently came across a new product that might help you while you are planning.  It is the new Glade Expressions Oil diffuser. It has a great look that would compliment any decor and the scents are fabulous – not too overwhelming. You can find them at most local retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. I just purchased the Apple scent which I will soon be trying. I think it will be great for the fall.

Until next time, Happy Soon to Be Fall!!


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Asterisk A Really Big Announcement!!
12/08/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Hello all.  Hope you have been enjoying your summer.  Our “Let’s Create” Event was a success!  Thanks to all who came out and participated in this fun event.  I will be posting pictures from this event very soon. I will be planning another event in the near future as many people have been asking.

Now for our really big announcement – I am now a Close to My Heart Consultant!!  So if you are wondering where you can get your scrapbooking, stamping, and other creative supplies, you can order them directly through me.  You can place an order, flip through an interactive catalog and find all that you need at: I look forward to helping you in this way.


And as always, until next time, Happy Crafting!

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Asterisk Summer Gift Exchange Pt. 2
03/07/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

So the Summer Gift exchange I was telling you all about was so much fun!  My giftee received her gift in the mail on yesterday and loved it.  I also met my gifter in person for brunch at the Toast Restaurant in Charlotte.  My gift from her was a piece of pottery that she handmade along with a felted soap bar and a felted butterfly.  Here are some photos of the pottery.  Isn’t it just lovely.  Look at all the detail in it.



Today, we were featured on the following blog, for being the first to ever meet for the Gift exchange.  According to the coordinator, the Gift Exchange chooses names in a random draw and this was the first time that she knew of where people who are paired up lived close to one another.

It was so nice meeting Debbie in person and I will cherish my gift always. Can’t wait for the next exchange.  I guess I better get to brainstorming about possible gifts to make.

And until next time, “Happy Crafting!”


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Asterisk Gift Exchange Summer 2012
25/06/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

So about a month ago, I signed up to be a participant of a gift exchange on one of the blogs that I follow  It is where you are paired up with someone anonymously, find out what they like, make a gift, and send it to them in the mail.  You also receive a gift from another person. There is the opportunity to meet other crafters as well.  It is almost like a pen pal, but instead a craft pal!  I think it is the coolest thing ever.  For this exchange, all gifts are mailed by the end of June.

Here is what I made for the person I was paired with.  It is a monogrammed paper bag scrapbook that she can use for her quilting and also a monogrammed coaster.  I hope she will enjoy it!

I have not received my anonymous gift yet. I am on pins and needles waiting everyday for the mail to be delivered.  I will keep you posted on what I receive.  If you are interested in participating in the next gift exchange, you can follow the link above.  These exchanges are done twice a year and the next one will be in November I believe.

And as always, Happy Crafting.




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Asterisk I love when I find a bargain!
15/06/2012 Karen Sydnor in little luxuries / No comments

One day not too very long ago, I was with my daughter at a doctor’s appointment.  As we entered the waiting room, I noticed this interesting looking coffee machine.  To my surprise, I realized that it was a Keurig brewing system.  I had not ever used one personally, but heard of many people raving at how great these little machines can be.  So, I decided to try my hand at making a cup of Celestial Seasonings Lemon herbal tea as I needed some much-needed relaxation that day.  I pulled out this fascinating little k-cup, opened the brewer, put it, and added my cup.  To my amazement, it brewed so fast that I stood there staring in awe of this wonderful new piece of machinery that I now needed in my life!

Well for months after, I began my journey of trying to find a Keurig brewer.  I even had visions of dancing little Keurigs in my dreams. (lol) However, to my surprise I didn’t realize how pricey they were.  I looked high and low and had decided I just did not want to pay that price for a new coffee maker.

A few weeks ago, I was making my weekly Targe’ (Target) run and stopped to look at some of the clearance items on the end caps. (Don’t you just love those lovely little red clearance stickers?)  To my amazement, I saw what I thought was a Keurig brewer with a clearance sticker on it.   OMG, “Is that what I think it is?”, I said to myself.  Myself answered back, “Run before some other Crazed Red Tag Clearance Spotting Can’t Leave the Store without it Woman sees it also!!”  So I did, to find out it was not a Keurig, but a Mr. Coffee single cup brewer that uses the Keuring technology and K-cups.  It was clearanced at $67.  I immediately called for some assistance from one of my “friends” (a red shirt wearing employee).  (Isn’t it funny how we think anyone wearing a red shirt and khaki pants in Target works there?)  When he scanned it to find out if there were any more in the store, the price came up even lower at $34 because it was the last one.  I thought I scared him as I shrieked in delight.  I grabbed it so fast, ran to the register to pay for it and am now in my coffee heaven enjoying my cups of java every morning.

My lesson today is to remind my friends out there to never bypass the end caps, clearance aisles, red tags, bargain bins, mark downs, or whatever they are called in the store you frequent!  Never say to yourself, “Oh, it is probably just junk in there!”  You never know what you just might find!

Now, can anybody tell me where to find this k-cups for cheaper…

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