Summer Gift Exchange Pt. 2

So the Summer Gift exchange I was telling you all about was so much fun!  My giftee received her gift in the mail on yesterday and loved it.  I also met my gifter in person for brunch at the Toast Restaurant in Charlotte.  My gift from her was a piece of pottery that she handmade along with a felted soap bar and a felted butterfly.  Here are some photos of the pottery.  Isn’t it just lovely.  Look at all the detail in it.



Today, we were featured on the following blog, for being the first to ever meet for the Gift exchange.  According to the coordinator, the Gift Exchange chooses names in a random draw and this was the first time that she knew of where people who are paired up lived close to one another.

It was so nice meeting Debbie in person and I will cherish my gift always. Can’t wait for the next exchange.  I guess I better get to brainstorming about possible gifts to make.

And until next time, “Happy Crafting!”


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