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Asterisk Influenster VoxBox
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Hope you have been having a crafty year. I have had some hick ups on my blog this year and lost a great deal of content. “Angry face”😡. However, I am back up and running.  

Today, I want to take a break from crafting a moment and share with you a few Influenster vox boxes that I received lately!  I believe I shared with you all on a previous blog what Influenster was, but if I didn’t, here you go.  In a nutshell, Influenster is a website that allows you to test products for free based on your social media influence. You fill out a profile, do a survey based on products you like and start giving your opinion on products you use.  Influenster will contact you with Voxbox campaigns if you fit the campaign that they are sending out at the time.  

Recently, I received the following Tastykake #tastykakeminiwins and Apple and Eve #quenchersadventures Voxbox. I received these for free!!! Did I just say free? Yes, free!!😉  

 Really love the Apple and Eve 100% organic juice. I tried the tart cherry. It was very refreshing, slightly tart and flavorful.   

My daughter tried the Organic quencher juice boxes in pink lemonade, berry and fruit punch flavors. She also told me that it was refreshing and that it does not have a lot of sugar, but taste great.  I believe it is a good product for younger children since it is a low sugar content product. I recommend you try it and your local grocery store. 

 On National coffee Day, I tried the Tastykake Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with my minion!! They are so good!! They are not helping my girlish figure, but they come in a fun size for a quick little treat. 

So if you would like to try out some products for free and give your opinion and you are social media savvy, give Influenster a try.  

Talk to you soon, and continue to make your ordinary days extraordinary!!

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