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Day 1
So it is 9 days till Christmas 2015.  Are you still roaming the stores, looking for great gifts for your giftees? Search no further! Follow me over the next 9 days and  I will have some simply wonderful suggestions that will have you remembered as the master gift giver of them all. 

Today, let’s talk stocking stuffers!  Instead of overflowing their stockings with candy or other meaningless stuff, think really hard about the recipient and put some effort into some really awesome goodies. Gift them with something that is intentional and purposeful. 

So the first idea I have for you is a water bottle cozy. These cuties are such an essential item and can be given to anyone. However for your sport’s enthusiast, you can get them in their favorite team colors. They can not only be used over a water bottle, but also over a single size soda bottle. They also keep the concession off of your hands and will have your giftee looking cool at the same time. 

Have you ever been to an event like a cook out and everyone puts their water bottle down? You go to pick up yours and can’t remember which one belongs to you ? Well, with these cozies that will stop all that foolishness.  

Give these in a pack for family and friends to keep in their homes for when they have company over.  
Leave them in your lunch bag or at your desk at work.  

If your are interested in ordering some contact me below.  

Well, I hope this helps in your search for gifts. Check back tomorrow for more ideas. 

Merry 9 days before Christmas and keep making the ordinary extraordinary!


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