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Asterisk Cricut Infusible Ink
09/07/2019 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Well my Cricut crafty peeps, unless you have been under a rock, you have heard all the hype about Cricut’s latest product line – Infusible Ink.

I have to tell you that this product is a game changer for all my friends who are into customizing t-shirts. You have probably used HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) to apply to t-shirts or maybe screen pressed ink. However, this product infuses ink into the fabric and that literally becomes a part of it. The ink doesn’t sit on top of the fabric and you cannot feel it. Amazing!! You can also use the transfer sheets on other Cricut blanks.

On the day that Cricut launched the product line, I was able to purchase it exclusively at my local Michaels Craft Store and try it out. The product line consists of transfer sheets in various colors and patterns, markers, pens, and blanks (t-shirts, onesies, tote bags, coasters). These items may be purchased in store and online. They will also be available at other retailers in October 2019.

The first product I tried out was the Cricut ceramic coaster and the transfer sheets (red). I heat pressed the design on the coaster with the Cricut Easy Press 2. The process was amazingly easy if you are familiar with cutting anything on a Cricut machine.

Once I created my design in Cricut design space, I cut it out on my Cricut Maker. (I made sure that I mirrored the image as I do with HTV so the image would not be backwards when I pressed it.)

In every ink transfer package there are two sheets of transfer paper and a piece of butcher paper (VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP).

After the design was cut, I weeded out the unwanted portion of the design. Then I placed the design upside down on the coaster, applied heat resistant tape to it and placed it upside down on a piece of white card stock on the Easy Press mat.

I set the Easy Press to 400 degrees for 240 seconds. While it was heating up, I placed the piece of butcher paper that came in the box over the coaster. Once the Easy Press was ready, I held it down on the coaster for the entire 240 seconds. After it was pressed, I carefully removed the butcher paper. It was important to let the coaster cool off before removing the transfer paper so I didn’t burn myself.

The reveal was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

Doesn’t it look divine on my night stand? Almost too pretty to use. 😊

My plans are to try out the pens, markers and completing a t-shirt.

Stay tuned and “Happy Crafting”

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