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My passion is crafting/home decor and I am a crafter, creator, DIY’er and maker!  I love sharing my knowledge with others and find pleasure in seeing people really “get it” when they learn a new skill.  With so many tools out there, it is sometimes hard for people to understand what certain crafting tools are and how to incorporate them into their everyday life. My favorite tool of choice is the cricut maker because of all the amazing projects you can create with it, but it doesn’t end there and that’s why I am here!  I can show you how to take every day items to a whole new level through blog post, video tutorials, crafting events and more.   I also offer a variety of unique gift ware and inspirational home decor items for all your special occasions. So pull up a chair and make yourself at home – join in my blog conversations – view a tutorial- see what’s current in crafting and home decor – or register for upcoming events.

It’s all here for you at KayRoche – “daily make the ordinary extraordinary”!


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