Asterisk Gift wrapping with Cricut
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Hey Crafty peeps! It’s that time of year again – Christmas!!

And right about now, you are probably scouring the stores in search of the perfect wrapping paper to wrap your gifts and packages in. Well, today, I am sharing with you a way to save money and elevate your gift wrapping techniques if you own a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore (Air 1 or 2)

Along with your Cricut, you simply need the following supplies:

  1. Cardstock – red, yellow, forest green
  2. Glue Dots
  3. Sticker paper (Staples brand)
  4. Kraft paper
  5. Glitz glitter gel (Close to my heart brand)
  6. Scoring board (Martha Stewart)

Here are the instructions to make your Poinsettia flower and gift tags:

The first thing I did was create some Christmas tags in the Cricut Design Space app. I simply searched for a tag, added text (To: and From), changed the color to a diamond pattern, flattened all elements, printed it out on sticker paper and let the Cricut do the magic (cut them out). I used Staples brand paper, but you can use whatever brand you like.

Next, I searched for a Poinsettia flower in Design space and loved the Poinsettia pillow image in the 3D Floral Home Decor set. I resized the image and cut the petals using red and green cardstock. For the center part of the flower, I used yellow cardstock. I also cut out a circle so I could adhere the petals to it.

Once everything was cut, I used my Martha Stewart Scoring board to score down the center of each petal to give them a more realistic look. I assembled the flowers using Glue Dots and added the Close to My Heart Glitz Glitter Gel to give the Poinsettia some sparkle.

Finally, I wrapped the gift with some basic kraft paper, tied some twine around it, and added the Poinsettia and gift tag.

Isn’t it amazing? Think of packages of all sizes with these flowers under your tree. You can size them as big or small as you like.

I have provided the link for the project below:

Have fun making them and happy decorating and gift wrapping and gift giving friends this holiday season!

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Asterisk Cricut Infusible Ink
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Well my Cricut crafty peeps, unless you have been under a rock, you have heard all the hype about Cricut’s latest product line – Infusible Ink.

I have to tell you that this product is a game changer for all my friends who are into customizing t-shirts. You have probably used HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) to apply to t-shirts or maybe screen pressed ink. However, this product infuses ink into the fabric and that literally becomes a part of it. The ink doesn’t sit on top of the fabric and you cannot feel it. Amazing!! You can also use the transfer sheets on other Cricut blanks.

On the day that Cricut launched the product line, I was able to purchase it exclusively at my local Michaels Craft Store and try it out. The product line consists of transfer sheets in various colors and patterns, markers, pens, and blanks (t-shirts, onesies, tote bags, coasters). These items may be purchased in store and online. They will also be available at other retailers in October 2019.

The first product I tried out was the Cricut ceramic coaster and the transfer sheets (red). I heat pressed the design on the coaster with the Cricut Easy Press 2. The process was amazingly easy if you are familiar with cutting anything on a Cricut machine.

Once I created my design in Cricut design space, I cut it out on my Cricut Maker. (I made sure that I mirrored the image as I do with HTV so the image would not be backwards when I pressed it.)

In every ink transfer package there are two sheets of transfer paper and a piece of butcher paper (VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP).

After the design was cut, I weeded out the unwanted portion of the design. Then I placed the design upside down on the coaster, applied heat resistant tape to it and placed it upside down on a piece of white card stock on the Easy Press mat.

I set the Easy Press to 400 degrees for 240 seconds. While it was heating up, I placed the piece of butcher paper that came in the box over the coaster. Once the Easy Press was ready, I held it down on the coaster for the entire 240 seconds. After it was pressed, I carefully removed the butcher paper. It was important to let the coaster cool off before removing the transfer paper so I didn’t burn myself.

The reveal was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

Doesn’t it look divine on my night stand? Almost too pretty to use. 😊

My plans are to try out the pens, markers and completing a t-shirt.

Stay tuned and “Happy Crafting”

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Asterisk Farmhouse Craze
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Farmhouse style is decorating your living space with those simple, cozy, warm items that make you feel at home.  It puts you in remembrance of a time and place of days of old when your parents used whatever they had to make a house a home.  Think about sitting in your favorite knicked chair by a warm fireplace, hearing the crackling of the fire, wrapped in a handmade blanket, sipping on a hot cup of coffee in a rustic style mug and possibly knitting a hat for the coming winter months.  What we are now calling “vintage” is actually that farmhouse feel.  

Look at Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Farms (formerly from the hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper), or Rae Dunn pottery What is this craze all about? I believe with all the stresses of the world, both politically and socially, people are looking for ways to feel grounded and for their homes to be a reflection of how they desire to feel internally – simple, not complicated, warm, caring, and at peace.  Items like distressed furniture, hand knitted items, hand written letters, or things passed down from your mother’s mother gives you a connection to a much simpler, happier time.

Rae Dunn coffee mug

If you are wanting to incorporate this look into your dwelling place but you are just not sure where to begin, here are a few tips.

  • Try thrifting at your local Goodwill or re-sale store. You will be amazed at what you find.  Everything old is new again.
  • Look at what speaks to you.  Do you own items that have been passed down to you that fit in with your modern decor?
  • Learn to knit or crochet and make yourself a blanket.
  • Make a wreath for your front door.
  • Learn calligraphy or brush lettering and display your work.



Cricut crafted wreath

Thanks for stopping by!  I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. I would explain, but I will save it for another post.  🙂 I hope this inspires you to jump on the Farmhouse craze and bring some down home feel to your home. And as always, “Happy Crafting!”

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Asterisk 9 Days Till Christmas
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Day 1
So it is 9 days till Christmas 2015.  Are you still roaming the stores, looking for great gifts for your giftees? Search no further! Follow me over the next 9 days and  I will have some simply wonderful suggestions that will have you remembered as the master gift giver of them all. 

Today, let’s talk stocking stuffers!  Instead of overflowing their stockings with candy or other meaningless stuff, think really hard about the recipient and put some effort into some really awesome goodies. Gift them with something that is intentional and purposeful. 

So the first idea I have for you is a water bottle cozy. These cuties are such an essential item and can be given to anyone. However for your sport’s enthusiast, you can get them in their favorite team colors. They can not only be used over a water bottle, but also over a single size soda bottle. They also keep the concession off of your hands and will have your giftee looking cool at the same time. 

Have you ever been to an event like a cook out and everyone puts their water bottle down? You go to pick up yours and can’t remember which one belongs to you ? Well, with these cozies that will stop all that foolishness.  

Give these in a pack for family and friends to keep in their homes for when they have company over.  
Leave them in your lunch bag or at your desk at work.  

If your are interested in ordering some contact me below.  

Well, I hope this helps in your search for gifts. Check back tomorrow for more ideas. 

Merry 9 days before Christmas and keep making the ordinary extraordinary!

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Asterisk Influenster VoxBox
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Hope you have been having a crafty year. I have had some hick ups on my blog this year and lost a great deal of content. “Angry face”😡. However, I am back up and running.  

Today, I want to take a break from crafting a moment and share with you a few Influenster vox boxes that I received lately!  I believe I shared with you all on a previous blog what Influenster was, but if I didn’t, here you go.  In a nutshell, Influenster is a website that allows you to test products for free based on your social media influence. You fill out a profile, do a survey based on products you like and start giving your opinion on products you use.  Influenster will contact you with Voxbox campaigns if you fit the campaign that they are sending out at the time.  

Recently, I received the following Tastykake #tastykakeminiwins and Apple and Eve #quenchersadventures Voxbox. I received these for free!!! Did I just say free? Yes, free!!😉  

 Really love the Apple and Eve 100% organic juice. I tried the tart cherry. It was very refreshing, slightly tart and flavorful.   

My daughter tried the Organic quencher juice boxes in pink lemonade, berry and fruit punch flavors. She also told me that it was refreshing and that it does not have a lot of sugar, but taste great.  I believe it is a good product for younger children since it is a low sugar content product. I recommend you try it and your local grocery store. 

 On National coffee Day, I tried the Tastykake Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with my minion!! They are so good!! They are not helping my girlish figure, but they come in a fun size for a quick little treat. 

So if you would like to try out some products for free and give your opinion and you are social media savvy, give Influenster a try.  

Talk to you soon, and continue to make your ordinary days extraordinary!!

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Asterisk All I see is Gold!
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During Christmas, most crafters incorporate lots of gold into their handmade creations. It is usually the color of the season. Whether it’s bows, ornaments or wrapping paper, it is seen everywhere. Well, the holiday season is now over. The glittery ornaments are now tucked away resting till next Christmas. The trees are a distant memory and we are waiting for the warm days of spring ahead. So why am I still seeing gold?

If you see what I see, you will notice that gold is on trend right now in the craft world. Scrapbooks, cards, stationery, and craft spaces are all being blinged out with bold gold. This rich, shiny color is breathing a freshness into our land of handmade goodness.

My top six gold crafting products are:

1. Heidi Swapp Minc foil applicator – This little beauty will allow you to add customized gold prints to paper snd stationery. It premiered at the CHA Mega show this month and will be available to purchase soon. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Check out the details at

2. Anna Griffin cuttlebug- I know the cuttlebug die cutting/embossing machine has been out for a while, but the exclusive Anna Griffin cuttlebug by Provocraft is so darn cute. You will want to update yours if you have a previous version.

3. Cricut’s heat transfer and vinyl in gold by Provocraft – With the use of your Cricut Expression or Explore, you can bling out all kinds of things (clothes, walls, glass and more). It is limitless what you can do with these items.

4. Teresa Collins Studio Gold scissors by Fiskars – These dazzling scissors will have you cutting up a wide variety of mixed media. You will feel so sophisticated and chic using them at your next crop or crafting event. You can find these at your local Joann’s craft store or online.

5. Teresa Collins Studio Gold three ring album from We R Memory keepers – This shiny little album will compliment any craft space. It will also be a delight to anyone receiving it as a gift filled with their precious memories. There are several to choose from at

6. Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker – Go for the gold with this updated adhesive sticker maker. You can make stickers out of paper, cork, metal, ribbon, chipboard, fabric, and more. This exclusive baby is bundled with the refills and sold at

So bring on the glitz and glamour this new year with these products. You will leave a little sparkle in every project you complete.

Thanks for following me on my crafty adventures.

Kayroche – helping you arrive at your crafty destination.

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Asterisk Let the 2015 Crafting Begin
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Well Happy 2015! Can you believe it? Are we really saying it – 2015? I feel like last year came and went like a whirlwind.

There were so many projects that I wanted to complete in 2014 that didn’t get done. There were too many pins on my Pinterest boards that inspired me that I didn’t have time to do. So many projects – so little time. What is an avid crafter to do? LOL

Well since every January, we get to start again; here I go with my 2015 crafting goals. It is only the 2nd week of the new year, and I have already completed several of them – Clean crafting studio – check! Work on blogging – check! And finally, re-open Etsy shop – check!

Yes, you heard it hear first! My Etsy shop is re-opened for business with listings being added daily! You can shop here kayroche. Below yo can see one of the listings from my shop. Please be patient as I add more items within the next coming weeks. Also, keep checking the blog for all kinds of fresh new things that will be going on this new year.


Thanks for following me on my crafty adventures and have a crafty new year!!

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Asterisk Hello Autumn!
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As the lazy days of summer are now a sweet memory; we are now enjoying the crisp cool days and nights of fall! The glorious color changing of the leaves are a sight to behold and pumpkins are all around.

I spent the end of my summer perusing some of my knitting books/Pinterest and dreaming of cooler days that are now upon us. In anticipation, I picked up my knitting needles and worked on completing a pattern that has been five years in the making.

I started this wrap one summer after finding it in a Debbie Bliss magazine. I was so excited and thought surely it would be done by the end of that summer. However, I put it down and worked on other things. The next summer rolled around and I picked it up again. This cycle continued for the next 4 years till finally I decided this summer was it. I had to finish this thing. And so, with a drumroll please, I am happy to announce I am done, complete, c’est fini, finito!

What a wonderful feeling! I have accomplished my goal and will wear this wrap now even though it is made in a baby blue color. I will figure out how to add it to my fall wardrobe.

Do you have projects that you have not completed? “WIP” (works in progress) that you look at and sigh? I challenge you to go and get them done.

Now let me go find that cable knit scarf I started last fall…

“Happy crafting”



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Asterisk Celebrate the last few days of National Stamping Month
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Hey everyone.  Although National Stamping Month is winding down, it is not too late to enjoy this special at Close to My Heart.  When you spend $30 on any current retail-priced  stamps during September,  you qualify to receive this fabulous stamp set for FREE celebrating the 30 years of Close To My Heart.  If you are interested, contact me at
September Specials


Happy Stamping!

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Asterisk Loving Mixed Media
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A few months back, I started dabbling in Mixed Media after purchasing some Faber-Castell gelatos. 

Design Memory Crafts Faber-Castells Gelatos
Design Memory Crafts Faber-Castells Gelatos

As I was perusing one of my local crafts stores checking out what was new, I came across these yummy little pigment sticks.   Although, they are not a new product, they were certainly new to me.  The vast colors and description of the gelatos, grabbed my attention so much that I purchased a pack and left the store.  When I arrived home, I jumped online and did some research on them and found out that they appear to be used greatly in mixed media and by fine artist.

I had never tried my hand in Mixed Media before, but I noticed that there is certainly an explosion of it on the internet, among hobbyist, in craft stores and on Pinterest. I watched some YouTube videos, looked at a ton of blogs, and viewed countless pics on Pinterest and decided that I would give it a whirl! I have to tell you that I am absolutely in love with it.  It is so freeing and amazing. There are no right or wrong ways to approach it and you can use all types of mediums in the process.  A lot of the items I used to make my first piece, I already owned.  So, I didn’t spend a great deal getting started.  However, after creating several pieces, I have been back in the store, buying more stuff.  You know that is how it goes! LOL

I did use a traditional piece of canvas for my first one, but since then, I have used recycled cereal boxes, pizza boxes, various packaging, newspapers, tissue paper, fabric, tape and more.  I also used my Close to My Heart stamps and pulled out all of my old acrylic paints, pastels and other art supplies.  I will be doing a how to video in the next few weeks, but for now, here is pic of my latest piece.  

The latest in one of the many pieces of Mixed Media art that I have created recently.
The latest in one of the many pieces of Mixed Media art that I have created recently.

I hope this inspires you to try your hand at this amazing craft and discover the artist in you and as always, “Happy Crafting!”


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