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Asterisk Gift wrapping with Cricut
04/12/2019 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Hey Crafty peeps! It’s that time of year again – Christmas!!

And right about now, you are probably scouring the stores in search of the perfect wrapping paper to wrap your gifts and packages in. Well, today, I am sharing with you a way to save money and elevate your gift wrapping techniques if you own a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore (Air 1 or 2)

Along with your Cricut, you simply need the following supplies:

  1. Cardstock – red, yellow, forest green
  2. Glue Dots
  3. Sticker paper (Staples brand)
  4. Kraft paper
  5. Glitz glitter gel (Close to my heart brand)
  6. Scoring board (Martha Stewart)

Here are the instructions to make your Poinsettia flower and gift tags:

The first thing I did was create some Christmas tags in the Cricut Design Space app. I simply searched for a tag, added text (To: and From), changed the color to a diamond pattern, flattened all elements, printed it out on sticker paper and let the Cricut do the magic (cut them out). I used Staples brand paper, but you can use whatever brand you like.

Next, I searched for a Poinsettia flower in Design space and loved the Poinsettia pillow image in the 3D Floral Home Decor set. I resized the image and cut the petals using red and green cardstock. For the center part of the flower, I used yellow cardstock. I also cut out a circle so I could adhere the petals to it.

Once everything was cut, I used my Martha Stewart Scoring board to score down the center of each petal to give them a more realistic look. I assembled the flowers using Glue Dots and added the Close to My Heart Glitz Glitter Gel to give the Poinsettia some sparkle.

Finally, I wrapped the gift with some basic kraft paper, tied some twine around it, and added the Poinsettia and gift tag.

Isn’t it amazing? Think of packages of all sizes with these flowers under your tree. You can size them as big or small as you like.

I have provided the link for the project below:

Have fun making them and happy decorating and gift wrapping and gift giving friends this holiday season!

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Asterisk CTMH Base & Bling Wearable craft
03/03/2014 Karen Sydnor in Close to My heart / No comments

Guess What? It is March and it is also National Crafting Month!! Hooray!! If you have not been crafting, this is the month to do so. There is a myriad of exciting projects out there right now, no matter what your craft of choice is! I can’t seem to keep up with all the WIPs (Works In Progress) – cards, scrapbook ideas, paper crafting projects, knitting, and more that are overflowing in my craft studio right now. One of the reasons my crafting space is bursting at its seams is because of all the fabulous stuff from Close to My Heart!

Last year, Close to My Heart launched a new line of jewelry that you can customize yourself called, “Base & Bling”.  Now if you know me, crafts + jewelry = one happy momma! I was absolutely beside myself when this  premiered! I made several pieces to wear and taught a group of girls from my daughter’s home school group how to make one of the rings from this collection. Here is a picture below of some of the girls with their flower rings.  Well, Close to My Heart has done it again! They have added to the Base & Bling line in the 2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book & catalog.  They now have charm necklaces that you can customize, accessorize, and of course, the possibilities are endless.  Today, I have a quick video tutorial of one that I created as a monogram charm necklace!  I see many of these as great gift ideas for weddings and graduations as Spring is approaching!

Enjoy and of course, Happy March Madness Monogram Crafting!!


monogram pendant 5 wm

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Asterisk DIY photo canvas
15/04/2013 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

DIY Photo Canvas 4

One of the hottest home decor items these days is photo canvas.  A photo canvas is where you turn your favorite photo into an instant work of art by having your photos mounted onto a piece of canvas.  Many photo centers like Walgreens and Walmart or online companies such as Snapfish offer this service.  The prices range from $25 and up depending on the size of your canvas.  However, did you know that you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost?

Today, I want to show you an easy, simple way to make your very own photo canvas.  Using some very basic supplies listed below you can make one in an afternoon to give away as great gift.  All you need is:

– Close to My Heart 6″ x 6″ My Creations Canvas Display (Z1818)

– Mod Podge (Matte)

– white tissue paper

– a piece of basic card stock

– spray adhesive

6" x 6" blank canvas display
6″ x 6″ blank canvas display

1. You will start with a blank canvas

Set up your photo using editing software or Word
Set up your photo using editing software or Word

2. Set up your photo using a photo editing software of Word on your computer.  At this time you can add words onto the photo if you like.

Lightly spray blank cardstock with spray adhesive before applying tissue paper
Lightly spray blank card stock with spray adhesive before applying tissue paper

3. Lightly spray your card stock with a spray adhesive

4. Apply a piece of white tissue paper a little larger than your photo onto the card stock.

5. Print picture onto the tissue paper/card stock.

Using Mod Podge, apply it to canvas before applying photo printed on tissue paper
Using Mod Podge, apply it to canvas before applying photo printed on tissue paper

6. After photo dries for a few minutes, carefully peal away the tissue paper from the card stock.

7. Apply a coat or two of Mod Podge onto the blank canvas.

8. Carefully place the photo onto the canvas and starting in the middle of the photo, smooth out the wrinkles.

Embellished with flowers, completed DIY photo canvas
Embellished with flowers, completed DIY photo canvas

8. After it dries, apply whatever type of embellishment you desire and enjoy.

DIY Photo canvas 3

It is so easy and fun that you will want to  make several.  You can purchase the Close to My Heart canvas (product # Z1818) directly from me at

And as always, “Happy Crafting!”

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Asterisk Hello Again!
24/01/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

I know, I know, I know.  It has been a long time.  I can’t believe the end of a year and the beginning of a new year has come since the last time I posted.  So much has taken place in my life, it will take me a while to blog about it all.

To start the new year off, I would like to say, “Thank you” to those of you who joined me back in December at the Christmas Market in Charlotte. It was a lovely event.  As a featured vendor, I met lots of wonderful people and featured some of my latest products which are selling like crazy.
In the spirit of going green, and inspired by the soda can tabs dress I saw at the Southern Christmas Show, one of my new products is recycled soda can earrings.  These are made from recycled soda cans of course.  Some people have custom ordered their beverage of choice of course and others have just had fun trying to figure out what soda can the earrings were made from.  Below are pictures of a pair made from a Dr. Pepper can.  These can be worn on either side.
If you are interested in purchasing a pair, please email me and of course let me know, “What’s your flavor”. LOL.  Until next time, Happy Crafting!
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Asterisk Southern Christmas Show 2011
21/11/2011 Karen Sydnor in Gift Ideas / No comments

Oh my!  I know it has been a minute.  I have so much to share with you all.  Thank you for your patience and your continued following. 

So, last week, I was able to go to the Southern Christmas Show here in Charlotte. It was absolutely wonderful. It is so refreshing to see all the gifts and talents of so many people from all over the country.  Here are some of the highlights from my visit. 

First up is this gorgeous Christmas wreath.  It is made from Deco Mesh.  It is seems as if this all the rage this year because this stuff was everywhere you turned in various colors.

Next, is this simple but elegant copper bracelet.  I just had to get my hands one one of these.  There were others with beads and baubles on them, but I really loved the simplicity of this kind.

Now, this just took both my assistant and my breath away. It is a dress, vest, belt, purse and earrings made from recycled bottle tops from soda cans.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was truly unique and a pretty penny as well.

And finally, these necklaces with the flowers made from t-shirts seem to be another big hit this year.  It is so simple, but again, so elegant.

There were many, many, many vendors and shops and so much to see.  I just wanted to give you a little taste of what was there.  Hope it gives you some ideas for starting your Christmas shopping and once again, Happy Crafting!!
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Asterisk Are you looking?
18/10/2011 Karen Sydnor in Gift Ideas / No comments

Good morning everyone.  Have you looked outside your window lately?  The leaves on the trees are absolutely gorgeous!! Everything is turning those wonderful golden, autumnal colors.  I was sharing with someone recently that the visual I see is God coloring with huge crayons and the world is His coloring book.  🙂

Have you been in the stores lately, already you see Christmas decorations and signs that winter is coming.  The calendar is moving fast.

If you are already starting to plan out your holiday season and are looking for some great gift ideas, I will be sharing some with you in the coming weeks.  Today’s idea is a monogrammed tumbler.

It looks like a disposable “to go” cup ,but both the straw and cup are made of acrylic.  It can be decorated with anyone’s initials in various colors or other graphics.  These can all be ordered through our sales division of KayRoche.  If interested, contact me about the specifics.

I hope you are having a fabulous autumn day and are you looking?

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