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Asterisk All I see is Gold!
23/01/2015 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments


During Christmas, most crafters incorporate lots of gold into their handmade creations. It is usually the color of the season. Whether it’s bows, ornaments or wrapping paper, it is seen everywhere. Well, the holiday season is now over. The glittery ornaments are now tucked away resting till next Christmas. The trees are a distant memory and we are waiting for the warm days of spring ahead. So why am I still seeing gold?

If you see what I see, you will notice that gold is on trend right now in the craft world. Scrapbooks, cards, stationery, and craft spaces are all being blinged out with bold gold. This rich, shiny color is breathing a freshness into our land of handmade goodness.

My top six gold crafting products are:

1. Heidi Swapp Minc foil applicator – This little beauty will allow you to add customized gold prints to paper snd stationery. It premiered at the CHA Mega show this month and will be available to purchase soon. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Check out the details at

2. Anna Griffin cuttlebug- I know the cuttlebug die cutting/embossing machine has been out for a while, but the exclusive Anna Griffin cuttlebug by Provocraft is so darn cute. You will want to update yours if you have a previous version.

3. Cricut’s heat transfer and vinyl in gold by Provocraft – With the use of your Cricut Expression or Explore, you can bling out all kinds of things (clothes, walls, glass and more). It is limitless what you can do with these items.

4. Teresa Collins Studio Gold scissors by Fiskars – These dazzling scissors will have you cutting up a wide variety of mixed media. You will feel so sophisticated and chic using them at your next crop or crafting event. You can find these at your local Joann’s craft store or online.

5. Teresa Collins Studio Gold three ring album from We R Memory keepers – This shiny little album will compliment any craft space. It will also be a delight to anyone receiving it as a gift filled with their precious memories. There are several to choose from at

6. Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker – Go for the gold with this updated adhesive sticker maker. You can make stickers out of paper, cork, metal, ribbon, chipboard, fabric, and more. This exclusive baby is bundled with the refills and sold at

So bring on the glitz and glamour this new year with these products. You will leave a little sparkle in every project you complete.

Thanks for following me on my crafty adventures.

Kayroche – helping you arrive at your crafty destination.

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Asterisk Let the 2015 Crafting Begin
10/01/2015 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

Well Happy 2015! Can you believe it? Are we really saying it – 2015? I feel like last year came and went like a whirlwind.

There were so many projects that I wanted to complete in 2014 that didn’t get done. There were too many pins on my Pinterest boards that inspired me that I didn’t have time to do. So many projects – so little time. What is an avid crafter to do? LOL

Well since every January, we get to start again; here I go with my 2015 crafting goals. It is only the 2nd week of the new year, and I have already completed several of them – Clean crafting studio – check! Work on blogging – check! And finally, re-open Etsy shop – check!

Yes, you heard it hear first! My Etsy shop is re-opened for business with listings being added daily! You can shop here kayroche. Below yo can see one of the listings from my shop. Please be patient as I add more items within the next coming weeks. Also, keep checking the blog for all kinds of fresh new things that will be going on this new year.


Thanks for following me on my crafty adventures and have a crafty new year!!

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Asterisk Hello Autumn!
22/10/2014 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

As the lazy days of summer are now a sweet memory; we are now enjoying the crisp cool days and nights of fall! The glorious color changing of the leaves are a sight to behold and pumpkins are all around.

I spent the end of my summer perusing some of my knitting books/Pinterest and dreaming of cooler days that are now upon us. In anticipation, I picked up my knitting needles and worked on completing a pattern that has been five years in the making.

I started this wrap one summer after finding it in a Debbie Bliss magazine. I was so excited and thought surely it would be done by the end of that summer. However, I put it down and worked on other things. The next summer rolled around and I picked it up again. This cycle continued for the next 4 years till finally I decided this summer was it. I had to finish this thing. And so, with a drumroll please, I am happy to announce I am done, complete, c’est fini, finito!

What a wonderful feeling! I have accomplished my goal and will wear this wrap now even though it is made in a baby blue color. I will figure out how to add it to my fall wardrobe.

Do you have projects that you have not completed? “WIP” (works in progress) that you look at and sigh? I challenge you to go and get them done.

Now let me go find that cable knit scarf I started last fall…

“Happy crafting”



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Asterisk The season is getting ready to change!
05/09/2012 Karen Sydnor in little luxuries / No comments

Can you believe it is that time again?  Fall will be here before you know it.  Gone are the long summer nights and lazy days.  It is time to start thinking about sprucing up the house for the holidays and getting together with family and friends to celebrate being thankful.

I just want to encourage you while you are thinking about how the house will look, consider how the house will smell! Scents evoke all kinds of memories, moods, and feelings. What is it that you want your guest to remember or feel when leaving your house?

I recently came across a new product that might help you while you are planning.  It is the new Glade Expressions Oil diffuser. It has a great look that would compliment any decor and the scents are fabulous – not too overwhelming. You can find them at most local retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. I just purchased the Apple scent which I will soon be trying. I think it will be great for the fall.

Until next time, Happy Soon to Be Fall!!


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Asterisk I love when I find a bargain!
15/06/2012 Karen Sydnor in little luxuries / No comments

One day not too very long ago, I was with my daughter at a doctor’s appointment.  As we entered the waiting room, I noticed this interesting looking coffee machine.  To my surprise, I realized that it was a Keurig brewing system.  I had not ever used one personally, but heard of many people raving at how great these little machines can be.  So, I decided to try my hand at making a cup of Celestial Seasonings Lemon herbal tea as I needed some much-needed relaxation that day.  I pulled out this fascinating little k-cup, opened the brewer, put it, and added my cup.  To my amazement, it brewed so fast that I stood there staring in awe of this wonderful new piece of machinery that I now needed in my life!

Well for months after, I began my journey of trying to find a Keurig brewer.  I even had visions of dancing little Keurigs in my dreams. (lol) However, to my surprise I didn’t realize how pricey they were.  I looked high and low and had decided I just did not want to pay that price for a new coffee maker.

A few weeks ago, I was making my weekly Targe’ (Target) run and stopped to look at some of the clearance items on the end caps. (Don’t you just love those lovely little red clearance stickers?)  To my amazement, I saw what I thought was a Keurig brewer with a clearance sticker on it.   OMG, “Is that what I think it is?”, I said to myself.  Myself answered back, “Run before some other Crazed Red Tag Clearance Spotting Can’t Leave the Store without it Woman sees it also!!”  So I did, to find out it was not a Keurig, but a Mr. Coffee single cup brewer that uses the Keuring technology and K-cups.  It was clearanced at $67.  I immediately called for some assistance from one of my “friends” (a red shirt wearing employee).  (Isn’t it funny how we think anyone wearing a red shirt and khaki pants in Target works there?)  When he scanned it to find out if there were any more in the store, the price came up even lower at $34 because it was the last one.  I thought I scared him as I shrieked in delight.  I grabbed it so fast, ran to the register to pay for it and am now in my coffee heaven enjoying my cups of java every morning.

My lesson today is to remind my friends out there to never bypass the end caps, clearance aisles, red tags, bargain bins, mark downs, or whatever they are called in the store you frequent!  Never say to yourself, “Oh, it is probably just junk in there!”  You never know what you just might find!

Now, can anybody tell me where to find this k-cups for cheaper…

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Asterisk One of life’s little luxuries
13/10/2011 Karen Sydnor in little luxuries / No comments
When I began this blogging journey I talked about how I love to share places that I go to or find.  So today I am sharing with you a neat little place that I have recently come across.  It is a chocolate bar inside the lobby of the Ritz Carlton downtown Charlotte.  I had never even heard of a chocolate bar before I got a fabulous invitation to the grand opening of this place.  It is a quaint little bar where they serve drinks and all kinds of chocolates including those made by Norman Love Confections.  If you are not familiar with them, here is the website:  I must say I am in love with this place.  You can invite a friend maybe for some after dinner desserts or meet your girlfriend for lunch, or snuggle with your boo after you catch a show.

On the day of the grand opening, everyone was given a gift bag filled with some of their chocolate treats.  When I opened the bag, I was simply beside myself at how elegantly they wrapped the chocolate.  I can’t bring myself to open the cute little thing because it so adorable.  However, the thought of these lovelies sitting on my night stand every night is making me drool…

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