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Asterisk Gift Exchange Summer 2012
25/06/2012 Karen Sydnor in Craft / No comments

So about a month ago, I signed up to be a participant of a gift exchange on one of the blogs that I follow  It is where you are paired up with someone anonymously, find out what they like, make a gift, and send it to them in the mail.  You also receive a gift from another person. There is the opportunity to meet other crafters as well.  It is almost like a pen pal, but instead a craft pal!  I think it is the coolest thing ever.  For this exchange, all gifts are mailed by the end of June.

Here is what I made for the person I was paired with.  It is a monogrammed paper bag scrapbook that she can use for her quilting and also a monogrammed coaster.  I hope she will enjoy it!

I have not received my anonymous gift yet. I am on pins and needles waiting everyday for the mail to be delivered.  I will keep you posted on what I receive.  If you are interested in participating in the next gift exchange, you can follow the link above.  These exchanges are done twice a year and the next one will be in November I believe.

And as always, Happy Crafting.




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Asterisk Change is good
10/04/2012 Karen Sydnor in Uncategorized / No comments

There are so many wonderful changes going on right now.  It is official Spring here in the south, but we have been enjoying spring and summer like weather since about February this year.  Birds are chirping.  Flowers are blooming.  Days are longer.  It is that time of year when everything around you begins to change.

So many people have such a hard time embracing changes in their life, but I am here to tell you change is good.  Think of it this way – there would not be such beautiful butterflies in our world, if caterpillars didn’t change.

As my 45th birthday was approaching this year, I had to make some changes in my life.  After years of hating exercise, I realized that I needed to start exercising in order to get in better shape.  I also had to start embracing the gray in my hair as I see that it is not going anywhere. I am also learning to embrace the change in my house as my youngest is now entering high school and her siblings are now adults.

It has not been an easy task, but all of these changes are a part of life.  We move from one phase to next gaining experience for our journey.

So as we make changes here at Kayroche as we stated on our home page, we are also making changes personally.

Happy Changing!

Enjoying the changes with my girls
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Asterisk A new day
06/10/2011 Karen Sydnor in Uncategorized / No comments

Good morning. So much in store for the day. I will be posting something new later today. Stay tuned…

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Asterisk Welcome
05/10/2011 Karen Sydnor in Uncategorized / No comments

Well hello to all who will follow and welcome to the long anticipated KayRoche blog.

I am a crafter, artisan, craftsman, and creator of home decor items, papercrafts, wall inscriptions, giftware, knitted, crocheted and sewn garments and more.  I love life and love sharing it with others.  I do that in many different ways.  I am that person who can’t wait to share with others about my experiences at the newest restaurant in town that I have been to or giving my fellow shopper in the grocery store one of my extra coupons so they too can enjoy a bargain.  I send hand crafted cards to family and friends still in a world that is everything virtual.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the latest technologies like ipads, ipods, tablets, and facebook just like the next gal, but I am still an old fashioned papergirl.  Give me a pen and I’ll write a letter, send a card in a heartbeat, or create something wonderful with colorful paper and inks.

I believe what it says in the scripture, Ecclesiates 9:10 – “Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your might.”  We are here to produce, be active in whatever gifts, talents, and abilities our God has given us.  For me that medium is through crafting.  So come along and join me on my journey as I enjoy crafting and life!

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